How to use promo code to buy subscription at a discount – the manual

Learn how to buy subscription at a discount using promo code:

1.Step: Send a request to techsupport in following form:

Hi, my promo code is:___________ (paste your promo code here).
My login is __________ (tell us your login, that way we know which account needs activation of discounted subscription)
"Please provide subscription: __________ (№ 3,№4,№5), (tell us your choice of subscription to activate for you) at a 35% discount.


The amount of money you need to have in your deposit:

(№3 Main set 3D model subscription) - $22
(№4 Super set 3D model subscription) - $45
(№5 Boss set 3D model subscription) - $90

Done. Wait for tech support to activate your discounted subscription manually.